I am so impressed with where our cocktail program has gone and how whimsical it has become.  Eva Suter, our drinks guru, along with Elena Korsun, bartender of some repute, are just finishing up a slate of Olympics themed beverages inspired by curling and ski jumping arcana.

Cocktails with torched orange and smoke elements to celebrate the idea of a "Burned Stone" in curling.  A frosty, pink grapefruit, fennel gin concoction called the "Quadruple Lutz" which tastes and looks like a winter festival.  And what's best is that all the cocktails include an element that we make in house which stays consistent with the high standards of housemade elements that the kitchen holds itself to.  They, along with Chef Fiore, are constantly making caramels for our vermouth, cordials from foraged herbs and berry stems and bitters from the kitchen's trim.

Next up is SXSW  and Eva will be celebrating local spirits and local ingredients as we are deluged by coastal folks looking to indulge in all things in Austin for a few days before leaving us to write the next article about how we're either the best place to live or how we used to be so much more hip.

With the 512 tequila-based "I could totally live here" and the Highborn gin-based "Alt-hip-hop-rockabilly", we'll enjoy the week no matter what they think of us.

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