Now more than ever, I know why L'Oca d'Oro is fighting for the city to be allowed to implement the paid sick leave ordinance that L'Oca d'Or and many other businesses helped write. The public needs to know that workers in restaurants can afford to stay home when they are sick.  This can't be left up to industry.  It is a matter of public health which is the government's domain.

It's also very easy to see how eliminating the tipped minimum wage is a piece of this puzzle.  Paid sick leave is based on hourly wages.  Restaurant employees with paid sick leave need to know that what they make while they stay home will be based on a proper wage, not on $2.13/hr.

To the businesses who say they can't afford to implement a paid sick leave policy or raise wages, perhaps there's a short-term gov't incentive or subsidy that could be included in  legislation.  If we can come up with $8billion in a day's notice in disaster relief after the face, then surely we can find some funds for preparedness, to ease business' transition.

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