At L’Oca d’Oro we talk a lot about disruptive ideas: One Fair Wage, Sanctuary Restaurants, kids in the dining room. But to experience an evening or brunch with us, one might never suspect that L’Oca d’Oro is, in many ways, an homage to Chef Fiore Tedesco’s former career as a touring punk rock drummer.  The azure blue walls and the playful enamel floor designs---not so subtle references to Venetian fresco and the work of Kandinsky---tend to conjure Fellini more than Fugazi. And you would be right to think that light and grace and ebullience and even a little irreverence informs how we want to engage with our community. But the absolute devotion to disciplined and righteous disobedience is still strong, despite long ago retiring the drum sticks.

The common perception of punk rock is that it is without a cause---self indulgent, blindly rejectionist and anarchistic. Curse The Sex Pistols for their drug addled Benny Hill routine that overshadowed the whole point!

We think of it differently. Punk ideology can manifest itself in even the most universal and inviting packages because it is, very simply, meant to be a rejection of that which numbs us to the possibility of a better, more honest experience. It is an antidote to the anesthesia of a compromising status quo. It is a call to live fully!

Thankfully, we are not alone in our resistance. John Rivenburgh, featured winemaker for our first Wine Dinner, is a fellow disruptor. Don’t let the sport coat fool you...his first concert was The Violent Femmes. This jolly dude is a maverick in sheep’s clothing. Refusing to go with a flow he thought wasn’t giving the people a completely honest experience, he has created a product that is simple, pure and better than you expected by bucking every trend, most advice, and being totally unafraid to challenge his establishment.  We could not be more excited that he is linking arms with us in gracious rebellion on October 17th.

Sometimes status quo works. Even at its worst, butter and garlic on noodles with parmesan is pretty satisfying. Average wine can still make dinner a party. But when overcooked pasta, dessicated garlic and factory farmed dairy become the expectation or in-your-face cabernet is the only thing on offer---some of us are driven by the muse to resist and remind our loved ones that HEY! there is a responsible and proper way of doing things and we should swim against the tide that tells us otherwise.  We want the whole experience for ourselves and others and are willing to put the extra effort into it to bring you better.

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