L’Oca d’Oro is Austin’s Italian-inspired neighborhood restaurant that celebrates family, community, & sustainability.

All of our dishes are prepared with sustainable, locally grown produce and meats—a reflection of a farm-to-table philosophy that extends to our handmade pasta, cheese, salumi, bread, vinegars and liqueurs.
We care for our team members as family, and pay ONE FAIR WAGE in the belief that lovingly prepared food and authentic hospitality are best nurtured by meeting the basic needs of our entire staff.
Hospitality is included in the form of a 20% pre-tax service charge.

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Pasta Paisanos

In '23-'24, Fiore invited 9 of his Chefs friends from from all over the country.  They helped us raise over $20k to support Good Work Austin's Culinary Training Program, teaching cooking skills to four employees with obstacles to being hired.  Thanks for your help in supporting this necessary project.

Paisano Series 3

Fall '24-Summer '25
Keep an eye on this space to see news on Paisano Series 3.  We'll be inviting a whole new slate of guest chefs every month to help raise $$ for a cause that's near and dear to all of us.

Fiore’s Regional Pasta Club

When you subscribe to Fiore’s Regional Pasta Club, you will be taken on a world tour to cities and countries that Chef Fiore has traveled to — highlighting different pastas and noodle dishes from each destination and accompanying stories and recipes.
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About Us

L’Oca d’Oro is an Italian neighborhood restaurant emphasizing quality in sourcing and staff compensation with Chef Fiore Tedesco and team crafting everything in-house. Since 2016, L’Oca has paid above the federal minimum wage, accompanied by benefits like healthcare and retirement plans. During crises, L’Oca prioritizes community health and social justice, collaborating with organizations like Good Work Austin, co-founded by L’Oca owners, and Lilith Fund, setting an example for culinary excellence and positive societal impact through unwavering dedication to quality and responsibility.

Fiore Tedesco

For Fiore Tedesco, Italian cuisine transcends mere pasta and red sauce; it's about nuanced flavors, simple yet bold textures, and fresh ingredients meant for sharing. Influenced in his early days by his grandmother followed by stints at Gramercy Tavern in NYC, Roberta's in Brooklyn, and Austin's Franklin BBQ and Bufalina, he co-founded L'Oca d'Oro in 2016, embodying family traditions and hospitality values. Tedesco's culinary prowess has earned numerous accolades, reflecting his commitment to community service, fresh ingredients, and excellence in both fine dining and casual fare.

Adam Orman

Adam Orman's hospitality journey began in New York, leading him to become a respected restaurateur in Austin, prioritizing community and equity. Early experiences taught him hospitality fundamentals, principles he upholds today in his restaurants. Throughout his career, he emphasized local sourcing, sustainability, and wage equity, shaping his vision of restaurants as community hubs. Co-founding L’Oca d’Oro in 2016 and Good Work Austin in 2019, Orman aims to uplift the local food and beverage community through connectedness and equitable practices.

Group Dining and Private Parties

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